WANTED: Santa Claus “Impersonator” for a FUN-Filled Photo Shoot

WANTED: Santa Claus “Impersonator” for a FUN-Filled Photo Shoot

My dear beloved Dad, Steve, has played my “Santa Impersonator” as part of an annual holiday photo shoot for 12 years running.  Along with “Santa Steve,” his lovely wife (my dear beloved Mom) plays “Mrs. Santa Steve,” greeting guests and keeping things flowing smoothly.  It has become a wonderful family tradition for us, and many families return year after year to have their photo taken with “Santa Steve,” as part of their annual holiday tradition.

It looks like Santa Steve may be unavailable for this year’s event in December, so I am beginning my search for just the right person to fill his shoes.

The person I am looking for will be at least 21 years of age, and must have a true understanding and love of dogs (animals in general) and people of all ages.  This very important, one-day assignment requires a great deal of patience, flexibility, go-with-the-flow attitude, more patience, and sitting / standing / crouching (with dogs, kids, adults, and possibly a cat or two….or chicken, or hedgehog even) ~ all while wearing a Santa Claus costume and delivering amazing customer service with a genuine, kind smile.  Don’t forget the patience.  Could it be you?  Comment below, or send Letters of Interest to nicole@echoimagery-co.com.


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