Meet Santa’s visitors at Pet Outfitters!

Thank you to all who came out this year to pose for photos with Santa!  And a very special thank you to Kelsey Onkka for filling in for Santa :-) [gallery type="rectangular" ids="3189,3190,3191,3192,3194,3196,3197,3198,3199,3200,3201,3202,3203,3204,3205,3206,3207,3208,3209,3210,3211,3212,3213,3214,3215,3216,3217,3218,3220,3221,3222,3223,3224,3225,3226,3227"]    

Happy Halloween!

Today is also Me Me's first Adoptiversary!  We brought her home from Denver one year ago today....and my, how far she has come.  Doesn't she make a great Ladybug, with her one-eyed Pirate and little, itty-bitty Penguin? [gallery type="rectangular" ids="3023,3024,3025,3026,3027,3028,3029"]
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