The End of an Era

Dear Friends and loyal followers of “Santa Steve” at Pet Outfitters, It is with a heavy, burdened heart that I write to you today, along with my Mom (beloved “Mrs. Claus”), to notify you that my Dad (beloved “Santa Steve”) passed away earlier this year.  His death came quite unexpectedly,…

Meet Santa’s visitors at Pet Outfitters!

Thank you to all who came out this year to pose for photos with Santa!  And a very special thank you to Kelsey Onkka for filling in for Santa :-) [gallery type="rectangular" ids="3189,3190,3191,3192,3194,3196,3197,3198,3199,3200,3201,3202,3203,3204,3205,3206,3207,3208,3209,3210,3211,3212,3213,3214,3215,3216,3217,3218,3220,3221,3222,3223,3224,3225,3226,3227"]    
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