Bluto’s Back Again!

Bluto’s Back Again!

This is Bluto, one of our favorite regulars we see here at el Rancho year after year.  He’s a male Rufous Hummingbird, and it looks like his girlfriend has arrived as well (see frame #3).  There’s no wondering when he arrives, as he swoops right in and takes over the feeders.  You can hear him from a mile away.  He sounds just like an old Volkswagen Bug, buzzing around like he owns the place.  As the month of July continues on, we’ll see more and more of these beautiful tiny birds.  Learn more about the Rufous Hummingbird HERE.
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One thought on “Bluto’s Back Again!

  1. I’ve missed your posts. Bluto’s a beautiful Hummingbird. You got some good shots. Good job! I love you – Mom

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