Photo of the Month: Happy Birthday, Dad!

Photo of the Month: Happy Birthday, Dad!

In honor of my beloved Dad’s 69th birthday today (OOPS!  Did I just say that?), this month’s photo is dedicated to my hero.

I have many great memories of days like this, spent with him traveling all over our beautiful Rocky Mountains.  This golden moment was captured near the summit of Guanella Pass, May 2006.  IMG_6300IMG_9650Like Thanks, Dad, for passing down that desire to get out and explore – and for creating so many memorable moments I’ll cherish for a lifetime.  I look forward to many more field trips with you.

Thanks, Dad, for caring so much and for always looking out for others.  Your patience and kindness have been strong, positive examples in my life, and I strive to be more like you every day.

You are funny, kind, and amazingly smart – all in one big, huggable package.  And you are a living example of what it means to love unconditionally.

Not to mention, you’d do just about anything in the world for those you love…..
1477-4Such as dressing up in a blazing hot Santa costume every year for 12 years, so your daughter can take pictures of dogs and other animals sitting on your lap 🙂

I love you to the Moon and back, Nik


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