FOUND: Santa Claus “Impersonator”

FOUND: Santa Claus “Impersonator”

Tawny and Bob ~ December 2015.

I am pleased to announce that within less than 24 hours of publishing my WANTED poster for the perfect Santa Claus Impersonator, he is found.

I’d like you to meet “Santa Bob,” a very dear friend of mine, who just happens to be the amazing Dog-Dad to my dearly missed heart-throb, Oberon, and now amazing Dog-Dad to the very lovely Tawny – perhaps the luckiest girl on earth to have found Bob and Susan to be with forever more.

I could not have found a better candidate for this very important position.  Bob loves animals.  He is kind-hearted, gentle, friendly, easy-going, funny, and just an all around loveable kind of guy.

Oberon, Gomer and Susan sit with Santa ~ December 2014

I have known Bob for as long as I knew my beloved Oberon (over ten years)….and then some.  He is a wonderful friend, and I am elated that he is willing to fill in for Santa Steve this year, if need be.

Please help me welcome him aboard with loving arms!  He’s got big shoes to fill – in this case, big black boots, red suit and a white beard – but I know everyone who comes for photos at Pet Outfitters this year will fall in love with him!

Thank you, Bob, from the bottom of my heart for your willingness to take on this role for me.

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