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Photo by Kim Chadwick

I love animals.  For as long as I can remember, I have shared my homestead with at least a dog or two, or four…and kitties, too.  My pets are my only kids, and I believe they deserve the very best life has to offer.  They receive home-cooked meals, memory foam mattresses, and basically anything their little hearts desire.

So naturally, it gives me great joy to meet and work with others who share the same love and appreciation for their beloved pets.

Born and raised in the Denver area, I am proud to call myself a Colorado native.  Mother Nature is my medicine of choice, and I seek her powerful beauty and guidance as much as I can.  There is nothing quite like a lazy, winding drive in the Rocky Mountains, or a hike around Bear Lake with the dogs by my side, wearing ear-to-ear grins.  If it’s a stay-home day, I’ll delight in a sunny afternoon watching the wild birds who visit us at this sanctuary in Southern Colorado we call home.

I am a no-frills photographer.  I taught myself everything I know about how to use a camera.  The part about working with animals and people comes naturally; much like tying your shoelaces or riding a bike.

Echo & Wile E. ~ Loch Lomond

My inspiration comes from Echo – the most beautiful girl I have ever known – and Wile E., her equally handsome and charming brother.  It’s because of their genuine love of the camera and willingness to pose whenever, wherever that I began shooting professionally in 2004.

Since then, my work has been published in Rocky Mountain Dog Magazine, and was featured on select product labeling for specialty pet collars and chew toys, manufactured by Aspen Pet Products.

In 2004, I hosted the “Denver’s Luckiest Mutts” calendar contest as a benefit for MaxFund Animal Adoption Center.  To my surprise, It caught on like wildfire, and so I gladly continued that tradition for four years running.




While taking photographs is what I love doing most, I wear many other hats.  I hold a degree in Computer Networking and Administration.  Over the years, I have worked as a database administrator, computer programmer, trainer, and consultant.

I spent 15 years as an office manager in a wide range of industries, with 10 of those years as a full-charge bookkeeper.  I have designed web sites and created original pieces of digital art.  I still work in many of these capacities…only now I’ve learned how to do it all right from the comfort of my home.

In October 2010, I was blessed with the opportunity to relocate to La Veta, Colorado, where for two years, my sweetheart and I would finish the construction of our off-grid home.  We finished the project and received our Certificate of Occupancy on Valentine’s Day, 2012.

Our solar water heating system….hot water whenever we need it at no charge, thanks to the power of the sun!

It is a joy and a blessing to be surrounded by the songs of the birds, the whistle of the wind, and the howl of the coyotes.  I’ve almost forgotten what a stoplight is, and the worst traffic jam I’ve encountered yet was a herd of wild horses blocking the county road.  Little did I know these wild beauties would continue to share with me their majesty almost every time I head into town.



I travel to the Denver and surrounding areas often.  In fact, you can find me at Pet Outfitters every first Saturday in December, taking photos of dogs and their families with Santa…an annual tradition since 2004.

I am available for private sessions or other events in Southern Colorado by appointment at 303.210.7758, or via

Thank you for visiting!  Please “come in” and stay awhile.  Browse around, check out my Portfolio, Blog With Me, or join me on Facebook.

I hope you’ll find the inspiration of Echo and Wile E. in all of my work.  They are with me always and forever.