Cuchara Pass – Purgatoire River

Cuchara Pass – Purgatoire River

Yesterday, we stayed close to home and took a beautiful, winding drive up over Cuchara Pass and back to La Veta.  We wandered off onto the road to the North Fork of the Purgatoire River, then continued on the Highway of Legends to Trinidad.  On our way back, we ended up on some random road, called “21.6 Rd” – a beautiful short cut off of Highway 12, just East of Stonewall, which takes you up near North Lake.  We missed the peak colors in this area, but there was still so much to be seen!


One thought on “Cuchara Pass – Purgatoire River

  1. Great, great pictures! Absolutely beautiful!! I’m happy to see you guys are enjoying the truck to its fullest. The doggies are darling and also wonderful. Give them kisses on their foreheads for me! I love you – Mom

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