Spring Snowmagedon, Round 2

Spring Snowmagedon, Round 2

IMG_2207 (1024x683)Just two weeks ago, we watched a similar scene unfold here at el Rancho.  It was quite exciting, actually, to see all the moisture come our way.  After all, they say April showers bring May flowers.  And while storms like these are common this time of year, we rarely get clobbered this soon after just having recovered from a doozy!

Two Week ComparisonEven though it seems a bit extreme, and we might be growing tired of looking out at snow falling constantly, we are looking forward to all the flowers that are sure to come from these great storms.

The dogs, on the other hand, have had about enough.  Cabin Fever has really sunk in…

IMG_2211 (1024x683)IMG_2201 (1024x500)IMG_2203 (1024x683)

IMG_2205 (1024x673)

And to all you gardeners out there, have faith.  Spring is just around the corner!

One thought on “Spring Snowmagedon, Round 2

  1. Little late catching up but I sure enjoyed this post and the pictures of the dogs. They definitely had had enough (and the rest of us, too). Love you XOXO

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