My favorite painting of my dogs ~ WOW!

My favorite painting of my dogs ~ WOW!


About a month ago a dear friend and client of mine, Leni Onkka (and her daughter, Kelsey) asked me to send them my “favorite” photo of my dogs – as in ONE favorite photo of my dogs.  I snickered at first, because how could I possibly choose just one?  So I sent her 24 (you can view them here), and tried to ask no questions.

Leni and I had one of our unforgettable meetings yesterday.  She and her family presented me with this masterful work of art….a very talented artist’s rendition of those 24 photos I sent – on canvas.  The amazing artist’s name is Katie Maher, of Salida, Colorado.  Please take a closer look at her incredible talent at:  I highly recommend asking her to create one of these for you.

Leni and family, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your generosity (and sneakiness, thoughtfulness, and creativity).  I appreciate you all more than you know…..and I promised a photo of where the gorgeous painting would grace our wall.  I’ve been “saving” this particular space above Legendary Echo‘s canvas print (which I see now is a bit crooked, ha!) for just the right portrait of the current “Terrible Three” – I’ve just been too lazy to make it happen.  But you just did, and for that I am forever grateful.  It is simply perfect….and I’ve teared up many times gazing at it, right there on the wall with my Girly.

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